Thread 12

Anonymous  2016-11-10 07:31:13  No. 20

I'm a refugee from /b/
I just found this site from a thread a few minutes ago
Is this an attempt to rebuild a new 4chan, or something entirely different?

Anonymous  2016-11-10 10:47:53  No. 21

Im not sure my vision would be an oldfagchan

Anonymous  2016-11-25 06:57:39  No. 25

>>20 Get

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Anonymous  2016-11-18 20:20:40  No. 22

my gardevoir ate all the weed. is she gonna be ok?

Anonymous  2016-11-21 17:25:20  No. 23

No it's going to die an awful death

Anonymous  2016-11-21 20:22:33  No. 24

Rape her and post the vid here

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Thread 10

Anonymous  2016-11-06 18:58:26  No. 16

Is it just a coincidence or is Jordan b Peterson a prophet of kek?

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Thread 5  –  Showing 4 of 5 posts

Ass Blaster  2016-10-07 07:19:40  No. 6

Is this place free of newfriends?
Migrating here if so.

Anonymous  2016-10-08 04:08:25  No. 9

literally no one here, its sad, i wonder where everyone is other than lurking...

#boot [A]  2016-10-26 03:44:29  No. 11

There isn't even really enough content yet to be worth lurking. I'll probably start posting regularly just to have something worth visiting for once I get some server migrations finished up.

Anonymous  2016-10-31 01:06:11  No. 13


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a  2016-10-31 00:01:15  No. 12


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Cringe Thread

Captain Cringe  2016-10-12 07:50:29  No. 10

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Thread 4

Anonymous  2016-10-05 19:24:37  No. 5

13 chan shall rise down with the normies

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Thread 3

Anonymous  2016-10-05 18:30:21  No. 4

What is this? does anyone actually use it? #Pepelivesmatter

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the other guy  2016-09-13 22:34:26  No. 2

greetings from the other 13chan just saw you put up this site and it already beat me in google's search :(
your site is a lot prettier then mine, I have the artistic ability of steve wonder tho

anyways just waited to say hi to my fellow neighbor

ps i included a smug chineses cartoon girl as a peace offering if your into that shit

#boot [A]  2016-09-18 23:47:28  No. 3


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