[Sticky] And we're back!

#boot [A]  2016-09-03 19:44:28  No. 1

After over a year of silence, we've returned! This time things are a bit different. We've got a brand new site without all the silly boards, and with a nice mobile-friendly theme!

Currently the site is still in a beta status, as we're finishing up a few features like mentions and quoting. If anyone has ideas for things we can add or change, we'd be happy to hear them.

Anonymous  2016-10-07 08:39:38  No. 8

This will be the new 4chan hopefully after all it is practically dead

Anonymous  2016-12-17 05:21:59  No. 28

I have to mention this because it's something that all chans deal with: decide now how you feel about pedos on your site, and be clear and consistent about what kind of "grey area" pictures you'll allow or disallow. On the one hand, pictures of kids in barely more than a swimsuit or underpants scare off normalfags and rulecucks, but they also attract law enforcement and make web hosts get all fanny flustered.

#boot [A]  2017-03-23 06:15:25  No. 157

For no reason at all, there's now an official Tor version of this site! I'll make it read-only if it becomes an issue, but it's something I've wanted to try.

Definitely something I've kept in mind. So far it hasn't been an issue but I've run a few other image boards in the past, and I'm usually fairly strict on that.

Anonymous  2017-04-27 16:40:41  No. 794

I have my own dead imageboard (otakuch.tk), but honestly, you don't want an imageboard to become a new 4chan, because 4chan is synonymous with cancer (new definition)

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Anonymous  2018-09-25 03:39:05  No. 2044

Squid Sisters meet Bob Ross at 3a.m. *not clickbait*